LED Lighting

At our rental you’ll find all kinds of specials, e.g. these HMI / daylight spotlights:

1200 W PaniBeam, 400/800W Joker Bug with Lightpipe, 400W Dedolight, Alpha 4K (Fresnel from K5600 with SpaceBeam adapter), Panaura 5’ & 7’                     

… or special Tungsten spotlights:

Ruby 7, ACL-Dinos (build around landing lights of a 747)

… many own developments or custom made lamps like

Sodium lamps, Mercury lamps, Linestras, etc.

… as well as all common types of spotlights like:

HMI / daylight spotlights from 125 W to 18 K in all configurations: Fresnels, open face (ArriMax), Cine-Pars (ArriSun), etc.

Tungsten spotlights from 100 W to 24 K in all configurations: Fresnels, open face, Dedolights, Dinolights, Wendylights, ellipsoidals, follow spots, zip lights, etc.

Flourescent lamps (Kino Flos) in all configurations: 8Banks, 4Banks, 2Banks, 1Banks, Flathead, Wall O’Light, Parabeam, Divalight, Vistabeam, Imara, Barfly, etc.

Very useful are also our standard “household” fluorescent fixtures with T8 tubes (T8s are also available from Kino Flo). We do carry a large variety of different fixtures, separate ballasts and tubes. Rings (to be used as an eye light, straight fixtures from 60cm to 150cm (flickerfree & non flickerfree), etc.

LED: Arri Locaster, Lite Panels, Rosco Light Pads, Thelight: 4long, 6light, 4light, TecPros, KinoFlos Celeb, etc.

You don’t see what you’re looking for? … please ask us, we probably have it or an appropriate alternative.



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