Magnum Dolly

magnum dollyThe Magnum-Dolly is renowned for its durability and the detachable electronic column. Top feature is the chassis-integrated slewing ring which makes it the ideal modular camera dolly-system. The column can be detached from the chassis to use an adapter-plate for low shot purposes. The integrated slewing ring enables panning with an attached Mini-Jib which can be hoisted weight-free if it is connected to the column.

weight: 140kg (chassis-only 62kg)
min. height: 80cm (chassis-only 37cm)
max. height: 148cm
hoist (0-100%): 3,1 Sec.

Panther Evolution


The Panther Evolution’s key features are its compact and light-weight chassis. Besides the standard column-Dolly features it gives the user more programming options as well as a high-speed mode for the electrical column and a wireless remote for switching the steering modes between 2 and 4-wheel-steering. The steering-wheel can be screwed onto the steering mount which provides accurate steering without danger of slipping during fast movements or breaking. The steering arm, which is connected to second stiffening and a tiller (connected to both steering mounts), enables eg. longer reverse shots with radial stability. There are tons of compatible extra gear that can be attached via Euro-mount directly onto the column.

weight: 96kg
min. height: 68cm
max. height: 138cm
hoist (0-100%): 2 sec.

Arco Cameradolly

arco dolly

The Arco-dolly is defined by its durable twofold hydraulic supported camera arm, which enables vibration-free rising and lowering of the camera. The angle is vertically adjustable into four positions (0°, +45°, -45°, +90°) without the need of removing the camera. The Arco-dolly can be mounted diagonal on track which allows comfortable panning whilst laterally mounted. Centered handlebars let the user switch between 2-wheel, crab, or round steering during movement. Like all scissor-dollies, the Arco can be characterized by its low camera angle and fast pneumatic up- and downwards movement.

weight: 148kg
min. height: 40cm
max. height: 114cm

Fisher 10 / 11, Super PeeWee III


These hydraulic (“American”) dollies work by moving the centered hydraulic arm via pneumatics. Propulsion is gained via pneumatic/hydraulic which allows almost complete silent movement instead of electric propulsion for Panther or Magnum dollies.

Special specifications of these dollies are:
-bigger hoist: (roughly 90 – 95cm)
-lower camera position possible
-fast hoisting
-steering gears can be adjusted into three positions whilst moving the dolly
-heavy duty


MSE light-weight- / Doorway Dolly

The MSE lightweight/doorway dolly is an optimal camera dolly-system for free steering on smooth surfaces. It can be easily adjusted between two-wheel- and four-wheel steering which allows a vast variety in terms of pivoting. The key feature is its slim shape of 70cm which makes it the perfect camera dolly for bottleneck-situations. Its balloon like slick-tires ensure smooth surface contact and movement. It is possible to install a slewing ring which allows two seats and a variety of attachable camera gear. If there is more space needed, the base can be expanded by 20cm on each side of the dolly.

Doorway Dolly Quad FM

leichtdolly quad

A new star arises: the light-weight dolly GF Quad by GFM combines three individual steering modes with maximum flexibility for the small pocket! The quickly adjusted steering axles enable pivot shots with an inner radius of only 80cm. Lockable steering enables easy to reproduce circular movement. The aluminium-made Quad FM dolly is even right “on track” with its no-tools-needed changeable wheels.

Maier Bros. Tube-Rikscha und Rickshaw Dolly®

rickshaw dolly-D-deuRickshaw Dolly ®
The experienced key grip Hans Hellner created a perfect motion picture vehicle with the Rickshaw Dolly®. It is perfectly suited for handheld, steadicam or mounted camera situations. Thanks to the low centered axis, disc brakes and durable wear-resistant downhill wheels the Rickshaw Dolly® is also usable on coarse and uneven ground. Important features like camera mounting, seat-position and foot space are easily adjustable at will. Its prototype has already proven itself at the sets of “The International” and “Nina Assassin”.

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Rohr Rikscha_1

Maier Bros. Tube-Rickshaw
The minimalistic tube-rickshaw consists of “just” two elements. A base of 60 x 96cm and a frame made of aluminium tubes. Both elements are connected via three truss couplers to ensure quick and easy constructing. Axle mounts on each side hold 26” tires which can be adjusted in height in four positions. The Mannesmann aluminium tubes and additional connectors on the base platform allow individual constructing which are adapted easily to the respective situation.

weight: 26,5kg
min. platform height: 10cm (15,5cm, 20,5cm)
max. platform height: 24,5cm
dimensions: 180 x 75 x 88cm


For individualists we provide the Tube-Rickshaw system as DIY kit. The kit consists of two axles, two 26” tires and three truss couplers. The base can be connected to any tube of 48,3mm diameter which allows countless construction possibilities.



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